HALO航空金屬箱茶几M 118*75*46 (CM)

Globetrekker Coffee Table
Size:118*75*46 (M)

Harking back to the romantic era of long, luxurious voyages by sea, the Globetrekker range is inspired by an original trunk from 1914 that Timothy Oulton discovered at an antiques market. Intrigued by the intricate detailing and beautiful brass plate of the trunk, Oulton deconstructedthe antique, redesigning it to encompass a full collection of lamp tables, chests, coffee tables, and bookcases. The canvas-clad range is available in two hand treatments including basic beige and worn marquee stowage. Capturing the authentic charm and delicate craftsmanship of old-world luggage, the trunks come complete with old sea faring stickers, aged wooden trimmings, vintage leather handles, and brass hinges for a unique vintage finish.